Free Download 小红书-找到你想要的生活 APK v6.30.0

Free Download 小红书-找到你想要的生活 APK v6.30.0

Description of 小红书-找到你想要的生活

【小红书App】 年轻人的生活方式平台,在这里发现美好、真实、多元的世界,找到你想要的生活。
【明星潮人】这里有”元气少女”欧阳娜娜、林允;”性感女神”泫雅、张雨绮;国际超模 Karlie Kloss、米兰达·可儿;还有”耿直boy”黄子韬、”养生达人”景甜、世界名媛金·卡戴珊…更有《奔跑吧3》MC 郑恺、宋雨琦、王彦霖;超人气爱豆《偶像练习生》蔡徐坤、陈立农、范丞丞,《创造101》孟美岐、吴宣仪…在小红书和偶像做邻居,从笔记中看到人气明星生活中的另一面。
【社区热门】Get 年轻人的潮流生活方式! 从时尚酷炫的潮鞋穿搭秘笈,到人少景美的小众旅行地,从简单易学的爆款美食食谱,到口碑爆棚的全网好剧安利,更有新奇 Vlog 让你看到更多好生活。
【视频 Vlog】梦幻效果的美颜滤镜相机,重新认识世界和你。打开小红书相机拍拍拍,记录分享最真实的你,让你的 Vlog 成为全世界小红薯们循环播放的存在吧!
【标签贴纸】海量标签随心标记,地点、品牌、话题涵盖美食、旅行、娱乐、影视综艺、时尚搭配、美妆护肤的方方面面,随时随地标记生活;用可爱搞怪或奇特的贴纸装饰,生活日常瞬间鲜活精彩!【全球好物】通过社区大数据,精挑细选年轻人最潮流、最好用、最新奇的热门商品;聚集国内外或知名小众的品牌,带你找到全世界的好东西。快下载小红书 App,和全世界好看有趣的年轻人一起找到想要的好生活!
[Little Red Book App] A lifestyle platform for young people, find a beautiful, real and diverse world here and find the life you want.
[Celebrity influx] There are “Yuanqiu girls” Ouyang Nana, Lin Yun; “Sexy goddess” Yuya, Zhang Yuxi; international supermodel Karlie Kloss, Miranda Kerr; and “耿直boy” 黄子韬, “养生达People “Jing sweet, world celebrity Kim Kardashian… more “Running 3” MC Zheng Yi, Song Yuqi, Wang Yanlin; super popular love beans “Idol trainees” Cai Xukun, Chen Linong, Fan Wei, “Creation 101” Meng Mei Yan, Wu Xuanyi…Being a neighbor in the little red book and idol, I saw the other side of the popular star life from the notes.
[Community Hot] Get the trend lifestyle of young people! From the cool and trendy shoes to the secrets of the people, to the small travel destinations of the people, from the easy-to-learn explosion of gourmet recipes, to the hype of the whole network of Amway, there are more novel Vlogs to let you see more Good life.
[Video Vlog] Fantasy effect of the beauty filter camera, re-recognizing the world and you. Open the little red book camera to pat and shoot, record and share the most authentic you, let your Vlog become the world’s little sweet potato looping play!
[Label stickers] Massive labels, labels, locations, brands, topics covering food, travel, entertainment, film variety, fashion mix, beauty and skin care, marking life anytime, anywhere; decorated with cute funny or strange stickers, daily life Fresh and exciting! [Global Good Things] Through the community big data, carefully select the most popular, best-used, and latest popular products of young people; gather domestic and foreign famous brands, and bring you to find good things all over the world. Download the Little Red Book app and find the good life you want with the world’s good looking young people!

App Information of 小红书-找到你想要的生活

App Name 小红书-找到你想要的生活
Package Name com.xingin.xhs
Version 6.30.0
Rating 8.0 ( 13322 )
Size 94.7 MB
Requirement Android 5.0+
Updated 2020-01-17
Installs 1,000,000+
Category Apps, Social

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